Our Mission


Current waste management needs improvement by giving such education and training. Bio-medical waste management is an activity in which involvement of patients, doctors, nursing staff. It is not the implementation of Bio-medical waste management rules but public behavior that is going to make the difference.

  • No waste management policy will be effective unless applied daily by all involved staff, consistently and accurately
  • Aim of training is to develop awareness in participants for health, safety and environmental protection issues.

- Training activities should be designed for four main categories which are

  1. Personnel.
  2. Managers and regulatory staff.
  3. Medical doctors an nurs.
  4. Hospital cleaners, waste handlers and drivers.
  • Training should cover healthcare waste policy, responsibility, instruction on the application of practices.
  • Practical hands on approach to training in small group would be preferred. 
  • Periodical repetition of courses.
  • To provide facility at affordable rates.
  • To keep environment safe.