The idea of sharing facility available is ancient from grass field to flourmills were common for the society apart from the increasing use of plastic disposable and increase knowledge of transmission of diseases, now it is moral binding of medical fraternity to dispose bio-medical waste scientifically.

Practically right from the start, Bio-medical waste management was challenging for us. limited customers overhead expenses to fulfill the rules and regulations of authority no awareness about global guideline of B.M.W 1998 to occupier we were worried of This project because of such drawbacks it was tuff to tar a service at the same time we were attached with transfusion medicine an for us it was a compulsion to start incineration at the end of JULY 2014. Meanwhile ministry of environment & forest the Bio-medical waste handling rules 1998 and made it compulsory periodically.

After so Manny efforts like awareness programs displaying of slogan posters in the hospital local cable coverage campaign meeting with IMA officials training program amongst waste picker and with the help of authorities we succeeded to start our plant. Even though three years have elapsed after the rules came in force the situation in the health care is yet to be improved.

Action is being taken from the government to establish common Bio-medical waste treatment facility in our state. a common Bio-Medical waste treatment facility is a setup that can be used to treat the Bio-Medical waste generated in number of health care facilities.A common facility may have more then one treatment options to take care of various categories of waste from different healthcare units.A CBMWTFs.Is likely to be more economically viable than individual waste treatment facilities as resource can be utilized optimally in case of common facility.A CBMWTFs.Is widely accepted in other countries also. So all the promoter`s have joined their hands to establish the common bio-medical waste treatment facility service in Kutchh are from medical and paramedical field.

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