The Bio-medical Waste rules,
2000 Ministry of Environment and Forests
20th July 1998,Announced on 28th March 2016

This act has its objective, the improvement of environment and the prevention of hazards to human beings, other living creature,plants and property. This act supplements and reinforces the water and air pollution control acts. In some respects this act goes beyond the pollution control laws. The statement of objects and reasons appended to the bill brings out clearly the objectives behind this enactment in following words: –

Concern over the state of environment has grown the world over since the ‘sixties. The decline in environment quality has been evidenced by increasing pollution, loss of vegetable cover and biological diversity, excessive concentrations of harmful chemicals in ambient atmosphere and in food chains, growing risks of environmental accidents and threats to life support systems. The world community’ resolve to protect and enhance the environmental quality found expression in the decision taken in the united nation’s conference on the Human Environmental held in the Stock Home in 1972. Government of India participated in the conference and strongly voiced the environmental concerns. While several measures have been taken for a general legislation. Further to implement the decisions of the conference has become increasingly evident. Check on

Although these are existing laws dealing directly or indirectly with several environments matters, it is necessary to have general legislation for environmental protection. Existing laws generally focus on specific types of pollution or on specific categories of hazardous substances. Some major areas of environmental hazards are not covered. Now it is need for authority to strengthen the rules and regulations. These are the ideas behind the impose of the rules.

The surveys carried out by the central board and various other agencies showed that the health care establishment in India are not giving due attention to their waste management, realizing the gravity of the issue, central board took up the matter and gave the notification and appointed “STATE POLLUTION CONTROL BOARD ” as the authority


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